Spring forward – big decisions for the bottom line

Mayday Mayday on VfM! – Be ready to complete the accounts and prepare for an IDA.
Come along and hear direct from the Regulator of Social Housing on their new VfM Standard, code and metrics at our Spring Forward event in London on Tuesday 1 May 2018.

We will cover:

  • The RSH’s expectations of what you must put in the accounts this year (there’s no need for a self-assessment – but the seven metrics must be set out)
  • The ways in which the bar will get set higher in future years (it's a bit like stress testing where they now demand to see tougher scenarios and sharper mitigations – if you passed in 2015 you might not pass in 2018 unless you have stepped up)
  • The questions that will be used to probe your VfM at an IDA (this is the main way VfM will be tested – we will set out the questions board members need to be asking NOW)
  • A step by step guide to working through the seven metrics by Ian Parker the leader of our Housing Finance Network (many of the metrics have been around a while but the definitions have changed – so how do you explain trends?)
  • The linkages between VfM and Governance and Viability ratings
  • Good practice and common flaws in VfM (the savage reductions to major repairs in response to the rent cut is widely seen as a blunder)
  • Future challenges – (the pressure to cut the benefits bill means the drive to bring down costs will always be with us, you’ll need to prove you’re sweating your assets to build homes and have plans in place to collect rents when the rent formulae starts to run ahead of average wages or benefits).

Please note members of our Housing Finance Network can use Ian Parker’s model to track trends in your seven metrics and compare these to your peers.
We will also examine the impact of the Spring Statement and Build Out Review on the day. Don’t miss it!

For more information and to book your place(s), click here. Discounts are available for members of all HQN networks.