Sitting on my sofa

Now I’ve heard it all. After I was scared to death by McMafia the next thing I know the housing minister is on the box. It was a replay of an earlier interview.

What was he going to do? Was he going to build a few houses? No, he was wittering on about Brexit and his boss. That’s none of his business. You always get folk in any job who gossip about other departments and the top brass when they are supposed to be working. But for the sticklers to the rules in HR you’d boot them out pronto. All you get out of the gossips is hot air.

It is either a housing crisis or it’s not. Raab needs to put all his time into this. If he solves housing, he will be the real deal. Then he will get his chance to lead or do whatever he wants to do. There are hundreds of MPs that can plot about May. Only one can sort out housing. So, do your job.

When Andy Murray couldn’t win he asked Alex Ferguson for advice. He told him to concentrate. That’s what Raab should do. Let all the other self-obsessed MPs pose on the Sunday studio sofas and just get on with building.

By Alistair McIntosh, HQN Chief Executive