HQN Blog: Taylor Swift says go to the HQN Cymru Annual Summit

Do you have a blank space in your diary? Well here’s a good idea for Wednesday 13 June. Come to our event. It’s in Wales. Why is it there? That’s because Taylor Swift says it’s a “level above beautiful”. Catch her Biggest Weekend show on the iPlayer to see how much she liked being there. And you can see this for yourself in real life. It’s worth coming along even if you don’t work in Wales (yet).

There is a top bill of headline speakers. So, the Minister will be speaking as well as the chair of the first big review of Welsh housing in ten years. What you will spot is a sector that moves as one. You just don’t get the Punch and Judy show we have in England. The Minister rolls her sleeves up and works with people. You won’t hear the “I’ve only been in the job since January” tripe that Raab trots out. And in return the landlords don’t whinge non-stop. This does not mean it’s an easier ride. The targets are tougher. But you might get there a bit quicker if everyone is on the same side. This level of cooperation is a shock if you are used to England and it shows you that there is another way of doing things.

You will also hear from a flock of top housing talent that decided to shake it off and come to Wales. This is benchmarking in the raw. You’ll hear first-hand about the pros and cons of the English system versus the Welsh.

And while women in England are bashing off the glass ceiling it seems a bit better here. Over half of the CEOs are women. Are there any lessons? Do things work differently as a result? A panel of women CEOs will air their views.

Finally, you will hear how the Welsh councils and associations are working with each other. This is in stark contrast to England where they are never getting back together. In fact, in England it looks like we will see a new council housing company set up to fight off every stock transfer association. What a fantastic way to burn through other people’s money!

So, if you are in Wales this is a great one stop event for you. And if you’re from over the border, it’s a big challenge to how you do things. All in all the day is sure to hit the top corner like a Gareth Bale bicycle kick!

By Alistair McIntosh, HQN Chief Executive

Places are still available at the HQN Cymru annual summit 2018, taking place in Cardiff on Wednesday 13 June 2018. Members of HQN Cymru are entitled to one free place, and discounts are available for members of HQN specialist networks.

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