HQN Blog: Global Accounts – Who are the big spenders? Where did the money go, or not go?

Let’s put the focus on those that increased and reduced spending the most in 2017. It was the first year of the rent cut so what do we see? Ian Parker has extracted:

  • The top 20 increased spenders on the CPU overall
  • The top 20 reduced spenders on the CPU overall

Then he moves on to look at major repairs. This is where it gets interesting. He sets out the 20 that have the sharpest hikes in spending versus the top 20 cutters. We also get a graph showing the pattern of spend overall. Most are reducing the amount of cash they put into major repairs. This begs a few questions. Are we building up a backlog? For years we didn’t spend enough on looking after council homes. So we ended up having to put in emergency funds through LSVTs and ALMOs. Are we going down this road again? But has Grenfell put a stop to this? Will spending on major repairs go up in this year’s results?

Warning – This is not, repeat not, a league table

There are many good reasons for spending going up or down such as:

  • Costs of recovering from HCA interventions (interim managers, new staff and redundancy costs)
  • Works costs rising and falling in line with validated surveys.

There is no right or wrong answer. As ever this sort of benchmarking is only a can opener.

You can download the full set of top 20 tables below.

Blog. Global accounts – who are the big spenders.pdf [pdf] 555KB

You can get the model to run your own comparisons by joining the Housing Finance Network. For more information, get in touch at: hfexpert@hqnetwork.co.uk

By Alistair McIntosh, HQN Chief Executive