HQN announces commercial partnership with Liberty Group

HQN is delighted to confirm Liberty Group as commercial partners of the Asset Management Network.

The award-winning property services company brings a wealth of expertise to the network and specialises in repairs and maintenance, gas services, energy and construction.

Over the next 12 months Liberty will be working with HQN and network members on a number of research projects and events that address some of the biggest challenges facing the sector.

Liberty provides whole house solutions to landlords, local authorities and private sector companies, servicing over a quarter of a million homes and businesses across the UK.

“This is a fantastic partnership and we are looking forward to working with HQN and its members," said Liberty MD, Derek Corbishley.

“We bring a lot of experience is areas such as new build, repairs and maintenance, energy, estates management and of course gas servicing. We are keen to listen to members about the kind of research and benchmarking that they would like to see and the kind of events would bring the most value to the network.”

Jon Land, Business Development Lead at HQN, said: "We are delighted to be working with Liberty group over the next 12 months. Their expertise and experience will help to bring some fresh thinking to the Asset Management Network."

Liberty will be carrying out a number of research projects with Asset Management Network members in 2018. Anyone who would like to suggest specific areas of interest should contact Bobbie Hough at bobbie@houghbellis.co.uk.

To find out more about Liberty Group go to www.liberty-group.co.uk. To find out more about the Asset Management Network go to http://hqnetwork.co.uk/the-asset-management-network.