Housing Quality Network briefing – Universal Credit: challenges and experience among housing providers

Full service Universal Credit (UC) leaves a huge gap for housing providers to fill. Many landlords had already moved into benefits advice, income maximisation and employment initiatives as a response to the first wave of welfare reform, but that work is essential under UC.
It may still be too early to get a complete picture but as the roll-out continues things are coming into sharper focus. In addition to the big issues about rent arrears, delays in payment and arrangements for vulnerable tenants, a series of smaller issues are also having a big impact on landlords and tenants while under ‘test and learn.’ It seems that many of the rules are still subject to change.
This briefing from journalist and blogger Jules Birch looks in detail at the experiences and preparations of organisations at different stages of the roll-out; some early adopters, some who have just taken the plunge and some who will not get full service until later this year.

Download the full report here.

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