Grenfell inquiry – news roundup

The evidence gathering stage of the Grenfell inquiry is now fully underway, and for the past week tenants, fire safety experts, legal experts and business representatives have been presenting their evidence before the panel.

Some of the key topics to have been discussed this week are as follows:

  • Arup fire expert Dr Barbara Lane described a culture of non-compliance at Grenfell which led to the catastrophic rapid spread of the fire – read more
  • The company that made the combustible cladding used on Grenfell Tower has claimed its panels were not responsible for spreading the fire, instead stating that a lack of fire protection on the windows was to blame – read more
  • The London Fire Brigade has defended itself against claims that its "stay put" advice to Grenfell residents may have cost lives – read more.

The inquiry website has recently launched a resource library for all the evidence presented so far, which you can visit here. Livestreams and recordings of the inquiry are available to watch on YouTube here.

Vicki Cutler, the Lead Associate for The Health and Safety Network (SAFETYnet), has recently written an overview of the Hackitt Review and its recommendations. The report can be downloaded here. For more information on The Health and Safety Network and what this network offers, click here.  

The HQN annual conference 2018 will be taking an in-depth look at the Grenfell fire, asking what lessons the sector can learn from the past 12 months and what we can do to turn disaster into pride. You can find out more information and view a full list of currently confirmed speakers here.

Image by Jon Chiral.