Fixed Term Tenancy study: an invitation to participate in major research

Researchers from the Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Equalities Research at Heriot-Watt University are teaming up with HQN for a major survey into the use of Fixed Term Tenancies (FTTs) in the social housing sector.

The research follows on from a large-scale qualitative study on 'welfare conditionality' in the UK, and is supported by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence.

The research team would like to hear from local authorities and housing associations regardless of whether they use FTTs or not. Only one response is needed from each organisation.

Senior Research Fellow Dr Beth Watts said: "We’re keen to get some evidence on organisations response to the opportunity to use FTTs to date, experiences of using them, and the impacts FTTs are having (and may have in the future) on landlords and tenants. A report on the findings will be published in early 2018."

Jon Land, Housing Quality Network lead, said: "We urge members to participate in this research into an important and often contentious subject. We hope the findings will be used to inform future government policy."

Survey responses will be completely confidential. The dataset will be shared only within the research team at Heriot-Watt University and results will be published only in aggregate (eg at regional level); individual organisations will not be identified in any published research output.

There are two slightly different versions of the survey for housing associations and local authorities. The housing association survey can be found here, while the local authority survey can be found here.

If you have any questions concerning completion of the survey, please contact Beth Watts (