Electrical safety in social housing research

The Health and Safety Network are delighted to be working with the University of York, and would like to invite members to  participate in some research that the Centre for Housing Policy are undertaking on behalf of Electrical Safety First, the charity that promotes good practice in electrical safety compliance.

We know social housing performs very well in terms of electrical safety compared to other housing tenures, but with increasing financial pressures and potential regulatory disparities between it and private rented housing, Electrical Safety First would like to further examine practice and guidance within the sector.

You can find an information sheet here to give you further details about the study and how the research will be conducted. A consent form is also required to be completed should you wish to take part in the research.

The University is looking to talk to a range of national stakeholders and housing providers about current compliance issues within social housing and how they might see the issues panning out in the near future. They anticipate the discussions would take about 45 minutes and will not be evaluating your own organisation’s practice but will be more about what practice in the sector should look like.

Please note that you must contact the University to participate, all details are enclosed on the information sheet, along with a consent form and contact details for the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York.

This is your chance to put your views across and participate in valuable research that could shape future requirements for electrical compliance.