£49m funding package for energy efficiency measures announced | News

£49m funding package for energy efficiency measures announced

Hundreds of council homes will be fitted with "green technology", as part of a package of measures announced by government. 

Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng announced £25m for heat networks and £24m for projects to help with energy efficiency in homes.

Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said: "We want to invest now to ensure we continue to propel the UK towards a stronger, greener future.

"This new £80m investment will help to reduce emissions across our economy, which will save people money on energy bills and protect jobs in heavy industry."

The heat networks funding will include a project in Gateshead, which will "harness hot geothermal water sitting in disused mines to heat 1,250 homes."

If that is successful, there are thoughts it could be extended across the country to heat 6 million homes.

The final £24m green homes investment will comprise of:

  • £7.7m to install green technology and insulation in over 300 council houses, to bring down the cost of retrofitting homes – with pilot projects in Cornwall, Nottingham, and Sutton
  • £14.6m to pilot the roll-out of innovative heat pumps to 750 homes in the South East of Scotland, the South East of England and Newcastle
  • £1.8m to support the development of innovative green home finance products by lenders.


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