Gas safety awareness

Gas safety awareness is vitally important and this course will help housing staff identify situations where residents may be at risk.

Gas safety awareness

In data provided by the Gas Safety Register it states that:

Investigation data spanning five years reveals that gas heaters are the most dangerous appliance in rented accommodation, accounting for the majority (59%) of all unsafe appliances.

Unsafe gas appliances have been found in a fifth (21%) of privately-rented accommodation, which means more than 2.7million people could be living in dangerous housing.

Understanding and identifying potential gas and carbon monoxide related risks should be a high priority within your risk assurance policies and procedures. This training day will raise your understanding of the management and operational processes to enable effective prevention of gas related incidents and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workforce, tenants, customers and service providers.

This course covers

  • Gas management duties
  • Landlord and service provider procedures
  • No access procedures
  • Record keeping responsibilities
  • Void properties and mutual exchange
  • Quality control
  • System upgrades and mutual exchanges
  • Gas escapes
  • Ongoing maintenance works.

Who should attend?

All frontline and site based staff, team leaders and managers as well as those with direct responsibility for strategic oversight and management of property and landlord services across single or multiple property portfolios, including:

  • Health and safety leads
  • Housing officers, support workers, neighbourhood officers, customer service staff and teams, resident wardens, caretakers, estate managers and other key site based staff
  • Managers and staff responsible for the development of policies and procedures in this vital area.

Gas safety awareness

Andy Turner

Health and safety Andy Turner

Andy Turner has over twenty years experience of managing occupational health and safety and enterprise risk management in the public and private sector. Andy has designed and delivered award-winning health and safety and risk management systems for the housing sector over the last seven years and has spoken at national conferences on safety and risk issues. He has a practical and common sense approach to managing risk with a clear focus on the priorities you need to ensure compliance and good practice.

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