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The digital dilemma - bridge or barrier to better engagement

  • Type HQN Event
  • Venue London
  • Start 09 May 2018 10:00
  • End 09 May 2018 16:00


The digital dilemma

Online engagement can be a fantastic way for landlords to reach their residents. It can also be a difficult challenge to get right.

For some, going digital makes sense. It can drive efficiency, help engage with more residents and offer them a wider choice of services. For others it is a concern. It can be seen as a removal of the personal touch, a reduction in choice and a potential barrier to engagement.

To help landlords and residents navigate this, the Residents’ Network is running an event on digital engagement and inclusion.

We’ll hear from landlords and digital specialists, who will share information about how service delivery is being transformed. We will also be hearing from residents, who will be highlighting their experiences of using these new digital services, as well as sharing what they’d like to see happen next.


CACI are experts in consumer behaviour, and look for patterns within customer data. The results may challenge the assumptions your business makes about customers. Will your young tenants be the most engaged? Are your poorest tenants excluded from accessing the internet? Are older tenants offline, preferring traditional ways to engage? What services would your customers prefer to access online, and which should definitely remain offline?

The CACI session will share experiences of working with many of the largest housing providers in helping shape their digital transformation strategy, and will offer broader insights on the digital sophistication and attitudes of social rented households.

Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

In this session Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust will be talking about how it helps ensure residents’ dignity and equality when encouraging them to go digital. They will be talking about how Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust work in partnership with various other organisations such as internet service providers, local libraries and internal departments to provide better access to broadband and digital skills support.

Yarlington Housing Group

Yarlington will be talking about how their move to a digital online service has enabled 24 / 7 access to things like reporting repairs, reviewing rent transactions and making a request for all things tenancy related.  The digital service is not something offered as an additional service offer but is now the only option for those who are able to use it and have access.  There is a bespoke alternative offer for those who cannot use the service. Yarlington also work to support this group to become digitally able.  

Accent Group 

A resident from Accent Group will be talking about the process they went through to help agree a new approach to engaging residents. This approach included looking at how Accent could build on their digital engagement. As well as looking at this process, Accent will also be talking about the levels of engagement they are now getting. 

*More sessions will be added in the coming weeks.

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