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HQN summer school gas safety masterclass


HQN Summer School Gas Safety Master Class 2017

Make sure you are safe and compliant

Your tenants’ safety is your legal responsibility and of the utmost importance.

You know your duties and your responsibilities but…

  • Are you fully compliant?
  • Are you up to speed with the latest best practice?
  • What should you do if things start to go wrong?

Now’s the time to find out - this master class will:

  • Provide practical guidance on the legal aspects
  • Help you get the most out of your services
  • Help you plan for the future.

Whether it’s a refresher or completely new to you, the 2017 masterclass will be of enormous benefit.

What will be covered:

  • The ins and outs of legislation – guidance on how to remain compliant and the latest case law affecting you. Including information on the age-old issue of access
  • Effective working with your contractor – make sure the relationship is delivering what you need
  • DLOs - what should your in-house contractor be doing
  • Are your maintenance systems up to date? The main issues and a checklist of what you should be doing
  • Key performance indicators, monitoring and reporting arrangements – what, where and when?
  • Best practice – take stock of current best practice including the benefits of SMART technology
  • Managing and mitigating your risks and disaster recovery – effective planning for the future. Lessons learnt from organisations that have been downgraded as a result of failures in their systems and procedures – the pitfalls to avoid.

Kevin Bentley, HQN Asset Management Associate will chair the day and provide his expertise on this topic.

Confirmed speakers: 

Claire Heyes, Chief Executive at CORGI Technical Services and Founder of the Association of Gas Safety Managers
Trevor Batt, Technical Safety Manager at CORGI
Peter McHugh, Responsive Repairs Manager, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
Mark Bird, Walsall Housing Group
Scott Bridge, Head of Maintenance, Greenfields Community Housing

Who should attend?

Repairs and maintenance operatives, gas managers, health and safety managers, officers and operatives, void and housing managers, surveyors and multi-skilled operatives, operations management and those responsible for contracting with, assessing and managing gas safety.

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Delegate fees:

Full price: £209.00 *
Members of any HQN network: £179.00 *
Early Bird: £195.00 *

* Please note that all prices are subject to standard VAT. Please call 0845 4747 004 for more information. Early bird ends Friday 28 July 2017.

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