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Gas network – do you have one? Come and find out…


Gas network – do you have one?

Do your consumers have access to their meter inlet valve? If not you may have a ‘downstream’ gas network… join us FREE to hear from the HSE and the Peabody Group.

At this seminar, we will give you a brief overview of gas networks, including what they are, why an organisation may have one and how you can find out if you do have one.

What’s covered:

  • An overview of small residential gas networks in the UK
  • The issues the HSE are finding about identification – what’s the risk?
  • Management of a network
  • What an intelligent client looks like.

Our trainer:

Matthew Tackling and Andrew Cooke, both HM Inspectors of Health & Safety, Energy Division (HSE) will be in attendance and will cover the broader aspects of gas networks.

Additionally, Paul Williams, Head of Health and Safety at the Peabody Group, will share his experiences of working with the HSE having identified a gas network at Strawberry Vale and how the Peabody Group have established management arrangements for the network.

Who should attend:

Health and safety and asset management professionals.

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This is a FREE seminar for members of the Health and Safety Network and the Asset Management Network.

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