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Estate regeneration – how do we make it work?

The unveiling of government plans to transform some of England’s most troubled sink estates has led to much debate on how to deliver lasting change through regeneration.

The Estate Regeneration National Strategy was launched last year, and was developed by an advisory panel led by Lord Heseltine and Housing Minister Gavin Barwell MP.

The strategy aims to regenerate 100 run-down estates over the next 10 to 15 years and focuses on the need for community-led regeneration.

While many have welcomed the continued focus on the need for large scale estate regeneration, questions remain over the limited funding available, with £140m in loan finance, £30m for enabling work and £2m set aside for local authorities to access commercial skills.

To support housing associations and local authorities HQN is bringing together experts from across industry to discuss the government’s approach, understand lessons from the past and peer into the future to provide insight into how future estates may look.

Our panel will address issues around finance, design, placemaking, resident engagement and social outcomes to give a complete picture of the challenges presented by transforming communities.

Sessions include:

  • National strategy overview and update
  • Do we really need to engage residents in regeneration?
  • Role of local authorities
  • Turning a vision into communities
  • Good/bad practice examples and importance of design
  • Social outcomes / alternative approaches.

Who should attend?

  • Board members
  • Chief executives
  • Director of regeneration
  • Director of housing
  • Director of neighbourhoods/neighbourhood managers
  • Developers/house builders
  • Asset managers
  • Housing/regeneration portfolio holders (cllrs).


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