Disability discrimination and housing

Disability discrimination challenges are becoming more and more common in housing cases. A successful challenge can leave you unable to recover possession of your property.

Disability discrimination and housing

This course will help you to understand disability discrimination in a housing context, so that you can be confident you have done all you can to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

What will delegates learn?

  • Disability discrimination in a housing law context
  • The relevant case law on disability discrimination and housing
  • Practical steps you can take to minimise successful disability discrimination challenges.

This course will cover:

  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 – how they compare to each other
  • Direct discrimination
  • Indirect discrimination
  • The duty to make reasonable adjustments
  • The public sector Equality Duty
  • Relevant case law covering historic cases and where the law is now
  • Practical advice on how to deal with cases where a tenant has a disability
  • Case studies to test your understanding of disability discrimination scenarios
  • When to support and when to enforce.

Who should attend?

Housing and other officers wanting to gain a basic understanding of disability discrimination issues in a social housing context.

Disability discrimination and housing

Syka Sheikh

Legal Syka Sheikh

Syka Sheikh is a solicitor with over 15 years’ experience, in the housing sector. Syka has a wealth of experience in public sector work and specialises in housing litigation, tackling anti-social behaviour, defending disrepair proceedings, injunctions and possession proceedings. Syka provides training to a wide variety of clients, including housing organisations, the police and local authorities. Her style of training is informative and interactive with opportunities for delegates to ask questions relating to their areas of work.

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