Data protection

Does your organisation comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA)? Do you want to avoid fines and censure for data breaches? How do you manage personal data legally and effectively?

Data protection

Why is data protection and DPA compliance so important?

Data loss in both the public and the private sectors is increasingly in the media. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the UK’s regulatory body for the Data Protection Act, has the power to issue sanctions and monetary penalties of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the DPA.

Prior to the Chartered Institute of Housing conference in Manchester, Christopher Graham, Chief Executive of the ICO, said: “It is essential social housing organisations understand their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act, especially as much of the information they handle is so sensitive.”

What the course will cover

This one-day course examines the legislation and requirements on organisations handling personal data.

It explores methods of complying with the DPA whilst supporting business objectives.

Delegates will gain knowledge of the current legal requirements of personal data handling, including:

  • The eight principles of the DPA
  • Powers of the Information Commissioner
  • The legal rights of the individual
  • The DPA enforcement regime
  • Options available for ensuring compliance.

Who should attend?

Governance managers, business managers, record managers and database administrators, HR professionals, staff who deal with customer queries and administer personal data, IT and other staff, and every individual who wishes to become aware of their own legal rights.

Data protection

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