Customer service training - the complete customer service workshop

This workshop will help to equip those involved in the delivery of customer service, and those who support them: it’s powerful, relevant and thoroughly enjoyable, and can be tailored to meet your unique values.

Customer service training - the complete customer service workshop

Feedback from one of our recent customer service excellence workshop series, from over 300 staff in every conceivable role and their managers, showed that over 95% said attending the event would ‘improve their performance’.

So, when considering training intervention to help positively impact the customer experience, look no further!

Typical workshop content:

  • Customer service: the definition – clarifying it and the clear resulting personal responsibilities
  • Values and service standards: highlighting how your organisational ‘promises’ should specifically drive customer service behaviours
  • Customer service communication: reviewing the basics of human communication (body language, tone and words)
  • All channels covered – face to face, phone, electronic mail, service delivery considerations
  • First impressions: highlighting and illustrating this ‘golden opportunity’
  • Listening skills: discovering the critical importance of ‘hearing’ all
  • Attention to detail considerations: testing delegates’ ATD skills
  • The internal customer dimension: understanding how the internal service dimension affects and can potentially compromise end-user service delivery (and developing improvement ideas)
  • Managing complaints: using sector and non-sector best practice examples and pragmatic approaches to inform continual improvement
  • Managing emotions and difficult customers: understanding and managing emotions using Transactional Analysis principles
  • Equality and diversity: highlighting that fairness considerations are never discarded and illustrating the ‘OK Corral’ principles.

Who should attend?

Everyone involved in external or internal customer service delivery and those whose job it is to support them (that’s everyone!).

Customer service training - the complete customer service workshop

training track record

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package, please contact us by emailing