Scotland maps out construction and housing restart | News

Scotland maps out construction and housing restart

Scotland has set out its plans for construction restarting and for the housing market to reopen post COVID-19.

Breaking away from England's "route map" last month, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out her own, saying that, as long as the R rate continues to fall, the restart of construction sites will be "following the 28 May end-of-cycle review". 

In the route map document, Scottish Government say: "We are also planning for the construction sector to implement the first two phases in its restart plan with a decision to move to ‘phase 2’ of the construction sector’s plan only after consulting with government to ensure it is safe to do so in line with public health advice.

Adding: "We are preparing for the safe reopening of the housing market" in this phase.

However, it is not until Scotland reaches 'Phase Two' that the government "anticipate a relaxation of restrictions on housing moves". 

The document also uses the response to homelessness as an example of where, post-COVID, Scotland can "build on the innovative responses seen throughout the crisis to build a Fairer Scotland".