Asset management masterclass

Asset management is coming under closer and more detailed scrutiny by the regulator. HCA feedback on value for money self-assessments has been in many cases critical of providers’ knowledge, management and forward planning in relation to their dwelling stock.

Asset management masterclass

Effective asset management is critical to your business, and one of the key ways you can demonstrate you are managing your stock effectively is by having an up-to-date, fully developed asset management strategy in place. We’ll show you how to prepare or update your strategy.

What the course will cover:

Our masterclass will deal with the practical problems you face. We’ll look at the current key issues around drafting or updating an asset management strategy, including:

  • Key elements of an asset management strategy
  • Common mistakes and missing elements in the strategy
  • An overview of best practice and current typical operating costs:
    • What does good value for money look like in repairs and asset management?
    • How do your costs compare?
  • Use of your stock condition database, stock sustainability and modeling
  • Find out the HCA’s views about active asset management and how others are tackling this
  • Rate of return on your assets – how can you carry out an assessment; what models and tools are available?
  • What does the HCA mean by adopting a ‘granular approach’?
  • Future challenges – our assessment of the big and emerging issues over the next three to five years.

Who should attend?

Everyone working operationally or strategically in asset management, property services and housing strategy, and those responsible for managing stock condition databases and investment resource planning.

Asset management masterclass

Kevin Bentley

Technical Kevin Bentley

Kevin Bentley will share with you the latest information and best practice, and his wealth of experience in asset management, repairs and maintenance costs and key asset management drivers.

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