Asbestos training – UKATA Certified Duty to Manage Asbestos

Our new UKATA Duty to Manage Asbestos Training course is for all those who are responsible for protecting people who work in or visit properties where there is a risk of exposure to asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Asbestos training – UKATA Certified Duty to Manage Asbestos


By the end of the course delegates will understand:

  • The hazards and risks associated with the different ACM’s and where they are found
  • The responsibilities with regards to their Duty to Manage Asbestos
  • How to prioritise and create an action plan with regards to the ACM’s present in your building
  • The requirements for and how to use asbestos surveys and registers
  • The purpose for and content of an asbestos management plan
  • The different remediation measures available to help you manage your asbestos
  • What training, qualifications and experience you expect from the asbestos professionals you employ.

Course content

  • Asbestos Awareness (refresher)
  • Legislative requirements
  • Defining the Duty to Manage Asbestos
  • Types, risks and locations of asbestos containing materials (ACMs)
  • The contents of the survey report, the register and how to use them
  • Dealing with your ACMs
  • Information, instruction and training
  • Record, review and key points
  • End of course examination.

Who is it for?

Everyone whose role involves a duty to manage asbestos.

Asbestos training – UKATA Certified Duty to Manage Asbestos

Matt Dawes

Technical Matt Dawes

Matt Dawes has a wealth of experience in the asbestos industry and is fully BOHS qualified. He started as a technician in 2003 and has since worked in roles ranging from Technical Officer to Senior Consultant. He is now the Training Department Manager for Bradley Environmental Consultants Ltd.

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